How to Pick Lottery Numbers - Is There a Secret

How to Pick Lottery Numbers – Is There a Secret?

Can you really learn how to pick lottery numbers that win? Is there a secret to picking those magic numbers which will come up on the next lottery draw?

Well if you believe there is a secret then you’re wrong! There are no secrets when it comes to actually picking good numbers, or improving your chances of actually picking those numbers correctly.

Like most things in life there are no simple answers to complicated questions. Learning how to pick lottery numbers is not a piece of cake, and learning how to win the lottery is not a sprint. Learning the necessary skills is simple, and once learned it can last forever.

In the lottery you can either pick numbers randomly, or you can set your own numbers. If you pick randomly you will obviously lose more than you will win, if you use your numbers you will probably win more than you lose.

So if you want to learn how to pick lottery numbers, you either have to learn how to randomly generate numbers, or teach yourself to be a numbers savvy. Both methods are probably illegal, and as a good friend of mine used to say, ‘playing the lottery is a piece of cake, but buying the tickets is a piece of cake’.

Anyways, random number generation is what the majority of lottery strategists prefer to do. The chances of a particular number coming up in the last 10 draws are about equal, and over the course of time the numbers are more likely to come up.

How to Pick Lottery Numbers – If You Really Want To Pick Winning Numbers

Here is an easy method for learning how to pick lottery numbers.

  1. Take a look at the past results of the lottery you have joined. Did you pick numbers that have come up more often than others? If you are like me, and like to know if an event will occur or not, or what about an event’s likelihood of occurring, you will probably analyze the past results to determine which numbers and numbers rarely get chosen.
  2. Now either, using a piece of paper or a calculator, draw a vertical line straight down from zero to fifty-five. Or, you can mark a spot on an awareness raising graph like the one below.

Then, take a look at the graph’s left side. The peak of the graph shows the numbers that were chosen in the most unsuccessful lotteries over the last fifty draws.

  1. These numbers are probably the ones you want to be playing.

The bottom of the graph shows the numbers that are usually chosen. If the graph has a peak and a trough, that’s an excellent sign. These are probably the numbers you want to be playing as well.

And, the frequency of a number’s selection shows how often it makes it into the lotteries. The graph below represents the last fifty draws of the Washington State Dewalive.

I noticed that the first graph has a peak every 11 draws, whereas the second graph has a trough every 47 draws.

This means that the numbers that rarely get selected are between 33 and 47. Therefore, if you’re going to place bets, you want to bet on these numbers.

This also means that if you are playing a particular lottery, you can insure that you are playing numbers that are between these highs and lows.

The conclusion is that you have to play a combination of numbers, and watch the graph for anyices. That will insure your odds of winning increase.

And, if you play one of these numbers, you might want to do it twice. You have likely dominated the lottery, affiliate marketing and other gambling games.

But when you stop to think about it, you’re winning actually cuts down the odds of losing. When you start to eliminate the numbers that rarely get selected, your odds of winning cuts down by the thousands and your Safeway bill will only increase.

So, stop making guesses about which numbers will come up, and start making use of the tools that increase your odds of winning.