Seasons Rake Reviews

Seasons Rake Reviews

Are you interested in learning more about how the rakeback deals offered by PokerStars, Ultimate Bet, Full Tilt and other online poker rooms work? Well then you have come to the right place, this article will teach you how to choose a rakeback deal that will not only give you some added income but will also allow you to play your favorite games for longer hours.

The amount of money you can earn through rakeback every month is no way limited, as long as you know how to work the sites tables. You can be a one time winner, or a few hundred a month, it is all up to you because in the end you are playing a game that should be played at a full ring table, with the correct amount of hands called per hour.

One of the biggest bonuses offered by many of the poker rooms is the ability to earn rewards as a result of playing hands on the tables. Some of the specific deals include, earn 2 tier seats on the plane to Las Vegas, spend a few hours playing 1 or 2 dollar games, get a coupon for a free entree at a specific restaurant, or a get together with your friends for a tournament.

Many of the normal bonus codes that you can use when depositing at PokerStars can be used also to earn your rakeback, and you will receive them each month in the form of a statement card. This means that every time you earn rakeback you will get also a part of the money from every deposit you make at the room.

In addition some of the poker rooms also offer loyalty schemes which include selection trips to real life land based casinos, Participating in special tournaments, and even the chance to trade your membership for luxury items including laptops,asking complimentary tickets when joining the poker elite.

PokerStars is by far the largest poker room, and therefore also the one you can play the most poker, and they also offer some of the most diverse poker games. Below you will find some of the most popular poker games that you can find at the time, whether it be Omaha, Stud games, Texas Hold ‘Em, or some other variety.


Omaha poker is great for multiple players, because there are many different ways to play the game. You can play it with a dealer providing, you can play eliminates or on your own, and in fact at the moment there are 4 different Omaha poker games available on the major online poker sites and more on the horizon.

Stud Poker:

Compared to Texas Hold ‘Em, it is more of a traditional poker game, except that each player receives 4 cards in the middle of the table and makes their best hand using 3 of them and their 2 hole cards.

Draw Poker:

Draw poker is similar to stud poker, but the biggest difference is that in this game there are no community cards. Each player is dealt a private hand, and there are 3 rounds of betting.

Hole Card Poker:

This is a special type of Dewavegas in that the entire deck is used and there is no deal of community cards. Each player is dealt a face down card that only he sees, and everyone can bet, check, and fold.

Online poker can be played any time of the day, any day of the week. Just remember, good internet connections and a high speed internet connection is needed, so make sure that you plan to stay connected during play, so that you can always keep playing. Poker is a fun game and is easily accessible to those who have a little spare time on their hands.